$49.95/mo - Basic Services

Designed for absentee owners:

  • Remove newspapers, phone books, and solicitation material from front of home
  • Room-by-Room walkthrough
  • Sweep/Clear entry of debris, bugs, etc.
  • Check refrigerator/freezer/wine cooler temperatures
  • Check A/C setting (appropriate for season)
  • Visual inspection for mold/mildew
  • Doors & Windows security inspection
  • Visible evidence of pests
  • Ensure maintenance of lawn and landscaping
  • Vandalism/Trespassing security
  • Internal water leak damage inspection
  • Visual ground inspection of roofing & gutters 
  • And more to tailor your needs!

Also Included:

  • Sweep/Clear entry of debris, bugs, etc.
  • Inspect and replace A/C filter (if needed)
  • Flush A/C drain line
  • Irrigation system inspection
  • Run & lubricate garbage disposal seals
  • Run faucets and dishwasher
  • Flush toilets
  • Treat weeds/grass in drive and front walks.
  • Check smoke/CO detectors
  • And more depending on your personal needs!

**All invoices will receive a detailed monthly report**